Patient Stories

Adam TaliaferroAdam Taliaferro
Swedesboro, NJ
Former Penn State Football Player
Attorney, Bristol Myers Squibb

Adam was paralyzed while playing for Penn State in a game at Ohio State in 2000. After spinal-fusion surgery, doctors told Adam’s parents their son would probably never walk again. Three months later, the miracle was completed as Adam walked out of Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia.

How his Life Has Changed

Today the miracle continues as Adam embarks on a career with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies! He also serves as a New Jersey Assemblyman as well as Chairman of The Adam Taliaferro Foundation. Adam’s story is known around the country, and he is recognized for his compassion and service to patients with spinal cord injuries and their families.

Adam’s Outlook

“Everything I have today wouldn’t be if not for people,” Adam said in a recent interview. “That moved me. The injury was tough, but the life lessons I learned going through it were priceless. We have to be willing to give back to people. “…There are times a person needs a hand, a little help; I needed that myself. And that inspired me to give back in my little way.”

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Emi PerryEmi Perry
Philadelphia, PA
Marathon Runner and Occupational Therapy Student

Emi proved to be a top marathon runner, participating in Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run, before she suffered a spinal cord injury following a fall from a ladder in 2017. Paralyzed from the waist down, she has received rehabilitative care at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital.

How Her Life has Changed

With funding from the Adam Taliaferro Foundation, Emi got an RT300 Electrical Stimulation Exercise Bike, which costs $24,000. With the love and support of her family, the proper exercise equipment, and expert rehabilitation services from Magee, Emi has overcome life’s challenges to pursue her many personal and educational dreams.

Emi’s Outlook

“My injury changed my life forever for me and my family,” said Emi. “I went from running 50 miles a week to not being able to move my legs at all. Receiving a grant from the Adam Taliaferro Foundation and purchasing the RT300 helped me move on with my life so I could pursue a degree in occupational therapy from Temple University.”

Jimmy RutterJimmy Rutter
College Student, Temple University
Woodbury Heights, NJ

Jimmy was set to graduate in Spring 2012 from Temple University with a degree in film. But due to an accident while at Temple, he suffered a C 6 spinal cord injury and is paralyzed from the neck down. He broke three vertebrae in his back and has spent countless hours in and out of several area institutions coping with effects of the injury while engaging in rehabilitation.

How His Life Has Changed

In 2013, the Taliaferro Foundation purchased a special van that transports Jimmy and his family to medical and rehab visits. Jimmy’s mom Kristin Rutter undertakes he bulk of caregiving duties while Dad Jim Rutter, brothers Nick and Corey, and sister Avis help out. The local community raised funds to build an extension on to the family home, including a wheelchair-accessible ramp.

Jimmy’s Outlook

“I don’t think you ever accept an injury like this completely, but so many people within my family and the community have supported me,” he said. “I’m so grateful. When I see what everyone has done for me, I have a lot of hope,” he said. “I want to save money to finish my college degree and get into broadcasting  like I had planned. It won’t be easy, but I’m lucky to have a great family and support system here.”

Keith ShetterKeith Shetter
Fundraising Professional
Lancaster, PA

A father, husband, baseball coach, and respected  professional, Keith’s life changed forever when he fell off a cliff while on a hike with his two sons. Keith has learned how to live with a spinal cord injury and life in a wheelchair

How His Life Has Changed

Keith worked hard at Magee as his therapists helped him to gain strength, learn new skills, and build confidence that he could continue with his life motto: “Take on the Day.” A resident of Lancaster County, Keith received a clear path toward improving his quality of life when the ATF financed a $15,000 Exercise Bike to help with his therapy, as well as health and fitness.

Keith’s Outlook

“During these times of being at my home I am reminded how fortunate I am to be able to ride my exercise bike , which you graciously provided,” he said.  “Seeing my legs moving with purpose still inspires me.  Please know my family and I are most grateful to the Foundation.  Blessings to you in your desire to give people, like myself, opportunities to keep moving. Take on the Day!”